We already have creator´s wine, let’s adapt accommodation standards

Sometimes it may seem ages have gone by but it was not so many years ago.

While major infrastructure, equipment and dwelling works kept growing at exponential ratios, construction companies which were awarded of same saw how their incomes grew to a frantic rhythm and that circumstance led them to decide in which other businesses they reinvested those surpluses they were obtaining, as a result of some profit level that would have turned out as unthinkable in any other time of our recent history.

From my point of view, there are two industries that seem very attractive for those who have the possibility of generating two-digit billing increments over a short period of time: aviation and mass media. It is clear that, for doing so, you need to have available a very high initial investing amount and also a periodic capacity to keep on contributing with seven-digit figures in the medium term, to maintain your investment or to even have the option or at least recovering it.

So, many of them had to seek for some alternatives that were more adequate to their real possibilities (provided they may allow them to improve their socialization tools) which resulted to be wineries and Hotels, sometimes even both businesses.  That way Hotels and wines increased their links, in this occasion from a company structure point of view, being controlled by affiliated, related or linked companies.

More recently, a new trend in Hotel denomination is taking place which recalls me again to wine. Time ago some wineries, mainly those of smaller size, are avoiding the prevailing qualification of the wines in “Crianza”, “Reserva” or “Gran Reserva” , passing to consider their productions as «creator´s wine» and adopting in more than a few cases some denominations following our neighboring country purest style, who also leads in this field as in some others.

In the Hospitality world some transformation in regard to the offered product has also been set in motion, in a way that it no longer seems to have an easy fit within the established parameters for each category, since it complies with several of those accommodation standards, which in some cases do not differ substantially from one another,  and essentially represents a differential offer, based on its personality, architectural characteristics, exclusive location, charm, personal attention, etc.  I believe we may be probably facing a new horizon in relation to Hotel classification, which demands some modification of the aspects to consider.

In my opinion, it turns out to be fundamental to determine Hotel categories not only based on technical requirements (rooms size, available services, installations quality, …) as established by current applicable legislation, but complemented by some criteria much more related to the quality of rendered services,  customer satisfaction,  energy efficiency, business management, and any other that can be considered as outstanding  to maintain the required level of excellence, always adequate to each one of the different existing categories and to those that can be established as new ones.

Different compliance verifications should be established to determine the fulfillment of those relevant criteria, one of them could be revising each Hotel through the eyes of one or various professionals from the hospitality sector, acting under rigorous unknown, as it is commonly done to test different aspects.  It is a very good way to obtain useful and precious information.

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