Wrestling with suitability, can all of us do anything?

It is clear to me that we must make a virtue of necessity and, in these times we are living, in a wide number of cases it may seem as if all of us may be adequate to perform almost any job, just becoming essential that we are offered such opportunity and we may say we can do it, which perhaps will be true in many occasions, but also in others may entail dreadful consequences for everything around that particular position, including not only people but also organizations.

As time goes by, and our professional path moves on, we become generalists within the area in which we have developed our activity and specialists in those industries where we have been working, therefore this should help to be increasingly versatile and multipurpose when comes the time for assuming new challenges.

But, in my opinion, everything has a limit and in this particular case it is given by suitability, understood in the sense that there is always someone that happens to be the most appropriate person to undertake with greater success guarantees everything that covering a certain position implies: roles, responsibilities and tasks.

Besides, it will take a lot less time and effort to understand not only what has to be done, but also why and what for it must be done, and that will make the job easier for that person and for everyone which is affected somehow by his or her level of effectiveness and efficiency.

In addition to education, abilities, experience, aptitude, attitude, etc., it is perfectly understandable to take into account affinity, which may allow to make a better choice under the same conditions, but it is not recommendable to turn it into the only condition that justifies the choice to make, as it may suppose a series of problems that could have been avoided if each and every criteria are combined and considered.

(Post published on 21.Apr.2016, blog upgrade date is shown)

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