We are still in time but if we wait we might miss some options

By this time of the year we use to go through the events that took place during the twelve previous months: the projects that succeeded, the new clients who have joined our portfolio, our ongoing operations, the newly added services, the products we have included for the first time and, as there is no other way round, everything that for one or another reason did not work out as expected.

We also take this opportunity to on the one hand try to push the business along another bit and on the other make plans for the following year: all the things we are trying to improve, new approaches to some fields, keep on adapting to the environment.

We are aware of our situation from an economic point of view, but precisely for that, we need to achieve a more effective level, make a difference from our competitors and contribute with some added value.

Taking into account that those areas with a greater projection and eternal visibility are essential for any business, in my opinion, we should not neglect other areas, those with a more interior and less visible reach, although they do affect undoubtedly in a positive or negative way to the way clients or prospects perceive the company.

For instance I refer to the firm’s internal processes, how the company works, the way things are done, in all areas and departments.

Depending on how clearly defined is the best possible way of carrying out the diverse tasks which integrate the company’s operation, we will obtain better results from our performed actions and will manage to reach to higher guarantees for the business continuity.

Even under normal conditions, day-to-day business activity does not allow us to save some time for reviewing them in order to determine whether they are the wisest or most suitable for the company, taking into consideration its peculiarities and requirements, so we do not have the chance to improve them and by doing so increase our quality and efficacy.

Anytime is a good time to implement some measures focused on time and resources saving, but the sooner the better. Having gone all the way to where we stand, why not be better prepared to face with a greater success ratio some situations we have already seen in the past and no doubt will come up again in the future?

Unfortunately, it often seems quite difficult to make the decision of hiring the services of an external professional, who may help and support us in finding out the different aspects that are improvable in a specific and measurable way.

Of course, we should not believe in master formulas or one size fits all raisings, as any business or company even being part of the same industry has its singularity and because of that demands a personalized approach, adapted to its characteristics and circumstances.

We can be sure that we are still in time for start moving, we always have some aspects to improve but if we wait we may never have another chance as good as the present one and we might miss some options by just standing still.

(Post published on 28.Nov.2013, blog upgrade date is shown)

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