Theory, practice and reality in Business Consultancy

The other day, while I was talking with my partner about some subjects related to the consultancy, this matter arose in the conversation: when it comes to professional services rendering, is it preferable to always and in any case depart exclusively from a theoretical approach, contained in a rigid manual and put it into practice item by item or, on the contrary, is it worthy in multiple occasions to accumulate the largest possible number of specific experiences, applying established action protocols, render the services in more personalized way, working in the faster, more flexible and more practical manner allowed?

Anyway, in my opinion, one thing is the theory; another one is practice and then comes what it happens in reality concerning each project and client, which in both cases does have peculiarities and circumstances of their own.

As it has become common practice in these cases, our idea is trying to adapt to the procedures established by the client to obtain relevant information and follow their instructions and they are being provided, logically attending to those possible, reasonable and feasible requests that during the project development are laid out.

Besides, it is not just enough to know what to do but, it becomes essential to be clear about how, when, why and what for is it to be done, otherwise it would be extremely difficult to accomplish our client’s expectations.

(Post published on 10.Feb.2016, blog upgrade date is shown)

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