Some thoughts on procrastination

How many times do we leave something for later, when we are perfectly able to do it right now?

As Scarlett O’Hara used to say: “I´ll think about that tomorrow”.

Are we fully aware anytime it comes up or we simply justify ourselves saying it was not the right time or that we should find a better chance to handle that item?

Even for a creative mind, to delay indefinitely the moment of getting to work, this is, designing, projecting, composing, writing, planning, painting, etcetera does not seem to me easily excusable, on the contrary I do consider Picasso was quite right when he said that inspiration comes when it wants, but it always needs to find you working.

I agree with the approach that states when something happens just once we might be coming upon a simple coincidence, if it happens a few times, we may probably be spotting a trend, but, if it happens very often almost for sure it may have become a habit.

It is quite simple to admit some positive habits that we acquire at home or at school, during our childhood, which remain in time. They represent a needed support for our development as a person and happen to be of assistance to let it be gradual and take place in a natural way.

But, unfortunately, in some occasions they will not be capable of substitute and banish with a proper speed and intensity those negative habits, that are an immaturity feature.

That is so with procrastination, that belongs to child age, in which it is understandable and even makes sense, even though in my opinion it should be disappearing as we move forward in our personal maturity process, mostly when we are affecting third parties.

From my point of view, similarly to our food classification, we may differentiate among actions that have a specific expiry date, others that are best done before sometime and those that may be performed anytime.

For the most part, it is not merely lazy attitude (diligence against laziness, used to say my grandmother) as it goes further, implies a certain lack of the essential skill of facing reality, assume responsibilities and make decisions, that may be unpleasant or little appealing at the very least.

We have no option but keep evolving and adapting all the time, no matter how traumatizing might any change be if defined. Nobody should think for a single second that, if we look away or close our eyes, a fairy godmother will appear out of the blue and magically take care of all the stuff that we preferred to leave for later.

Although we would like it, we cannot shelter eternally in our comfort zone, live in Sesame Street forever, trying to avoid any change to take place in our environment, as we really feel at home in it.

It is also impossible for us to disappear for a while, crossing and uncrossing our arms, as if we were Burt Campbell in Soap. Even the fictional character was unable to do it, no matter how he tried all the time.

Transferred to Project reality, considering that matters and situations may only be simplified to a certain point, but, on the contrary, may be complicated to infinity, we should seriously think twice before leaving for tomorrow or the next days those matters or situations that we may handle or solve right now, as we are in a proper position of doing so, when we know for sure that the delay is not contributing for good or enable our performance, but the opposite.

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