Mature, reflect and analyze your selling decision, once you have made it avoid creating additional situations

Some decisions require a greater maturity period than other, a more absolute reflection, a more thorough analysis and their consequences have a high number of derivatives.

One of those is selling decision, getting rid of something you own, that belongs to you for some time now: a property, an asset, a company, a business.

Occasionally it comes out to be a condition in which you do not feel at ease with, as if you had left your comfort zone but, this circumstance should not influence the possible transaction, converting the selling party into a retaining party.

When the search process is ongoing, the seller must be the first interested in closing the transaction as soon as possible and with the best available requirements.

It is more than advisable to help and facilitate the operation, delivering all relevant documentation so the buyer may value the reasonability of the investment to make, including but not limited to financial information, commercial projections, plans, photographs, etc. always subject to the compliance of strict non-disclosure agreements and the existence of a sufficient letter of intent, if so is stipulated.

Then, when the corresponding phase comes, it is also preferable to allow access to the premises, the establishment or the building in question, so some progress may be made within the process, until the arrival to the obtaining of a bid from the potential buyer.

Situations will always arise, originated by third-parties along the whole process, so there is no need for us to dedicate time in creating them internally, provided we wish not to complicate in excess this possible transaction.

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