Some thoughts on procrastination

Tweet How many times do we leave something for later, when we are perfectly able to do it right now? As Scarlett O’Hara used to say: “I´ll think about that … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



    Mature, reflect and analyze your selling decision, once you have made it avoid creating additional situations

    Tweet Some decisions require a greater maturity period than other, a more absolute reflection, a more thorough analysis and their consequences have a high number of derivatives. One of those … Seguir leyendo / Read more→


      grand hotel

      Spanish banks will sell nice and cheap Hotels. Is it for real or a wishful thought?

      Tweet Paying attention to everything that has been published in the press for the last few weeks, considering it as a dogma, without a needed analysis of the handled amounts, … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



        So many Hotels for sale,… how come so few are sold?

        Tweet It is curious how day-to-day, experiences in the real world and, above all, persistent and intense dedication to a job or professional task, help you in an unparalleled manner … Seguir leyendo / Read more→