Some thoughts on procrastination

Tweet How many times do we leave something for later, when we are perfectly able to do it right now? As Scarlett O’Hara used to say: “I´ll think about that … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



    Good reports based on incomplete data and information?

    Tweet It may seem that when you have an expertise in preparing business reports, you are capable of developing them almost coming out of the blue, and in any case … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



      Wrestling with suitability, can all of us do anything?

      Tweet It is clear to me that we must make a virtue of necessity and, in these times we are living, in a wide number of cases it may seem … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



        Mature, reflect and analyze your selling decision, once you have made it avoid creating additional situations

        Tweet Some decisions require a greater maturity period than other, a more absolute reflection, a more thorough analysis and their consequences have a high number of derivatives. One of those … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



          Procedure manuals and periodical reports, just for franchising?

          Tweet A few months ago, I attended a session about internationalization and franchising in relation with hotel companies, during which there were some comments about the fact that the big … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



            We already have creator´s wine, let’s adapt Hotel categories

            Tweet Sometimes it may seem ages have gone by but it was not so many years ago. While major infrastructure, equipment and dwelling works kept growing at exponential ratios, construction … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



              Are recurrent client opinions used in an effective way?

              Tweet For more than 15 years I have seen hotels using client satisfaction surveys, essentially thought for internal consumption, since from the outside the ancient mouth-to-ear method is still working. … Seguir leyendo / Read more→


                grand hotel

                Spanish banks will sell nice and cheap Hotels. Is it for real or a wishful thought?

                Tweet Paying attention to everything that has been published in the press for the last few weeks, considering it as a dogma, without a needed analysis of the handled amounts, … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



                  So many Hotels for sale,… how come so few are sold?

                  Tweet It is curious how day-to-day, experiences in the real world and, above all, persistent and intense dedication to a job or professional task, help you in an unparalleled manner … Seguir leyendo / Read more→