We already have creator´s wine, let’s adapt Hotel categories

Tweet Sometimes it may seem ages have gone by but it was not so many years ago. While major infrastructure, equipment and dwelling works kept growing at exponential ratios, construction … Seguir leyendo / Read more→


Are recurrent client opinions used in an effective way?

Tweet For more than 15 years I have seen hotels using client satisfaction surveys, essentially thought for internal consumption, since from the outside the ancient mouth-to-ear method is still working. … Seguir leyendo / Read more→


Is it so hard to apply a more managerial view to State Administration?

Tweet We have been reading, writing, hearing and commenting on the necessary reform of the structure of the State in Spain for some months now. In my opinion, up to … Seguir leyendo / Read more→


The years we worked for free

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grand hotel

Spanish banks will sell nice and cheap Hotels. Is it for real or a wishful thought?

Tweet Paying attention to everything that has been published in the press for the last few weeks, considering it as a dogma, without a needed analysis of the handled amounts, … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



So many Hotels for sale,… how come so few are sold?

Tweet It is curious how day-to-day, experiences in the real world and, above all, persistent and intense dedication to a job or professional task, help you in an unparalleled manner … Seguir leyendo / Read more→


Do not make blindfold decissions

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Welcome to pymero.com

Tweet The main purpose for this adventure we are starting today is to create a meeting place for small and middle-size business entrepreneurs (pymeros), the more long-suffering and less supported … Seguir leyendo / Read more→