Some thoughts on procrastination

How many times do we leave something for later, when we are perfectly able to do it right now? As Scarlett O’Hara used to say: “I´ll think about that tomorrow”. … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



    Good reports based on incomplete data and information?

    It may seem that when you have an expertise in preparing business reports, you are capable of developing them almost coming out of the blue, and in any case or … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



      Wrestling with suitability, can all of us do anything?

      It is clear to me that we must make a virtue of necessity and, in these times we are living, in a wide number of cases it may seem as … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



        Theory, practice and reality in Business Consultancy

        The other day, while I was talking with my partner about some subjects related to the consultancy, this matter arose in the conversation: when it comes to professional services rendering, … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



          Mature, reflect and analyze your selling decision, once you have made it avoid creating additional situations

          Some decisions require a greater maturity period than other, a more absolute reflection, a more thorough analysis and their consequences have a high number of derivatives. One of those is … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



            Procedure manuals and periodical reports, just for franchising?

            A few months ago, I attended a session about internationalization and franchising in relation with hotel companies, during which there were some comments about the fact that the big Spanish … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



              We are still in time but if we wait we might miss some options

              By this time of the year we use to go through the events that took place during the twelve previous months: the projects that succeeded, the new clients who have … Seguir leyendo / Read more→


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                Only experienced professionals are experts

                For some time now, a greater number of experts on the most diverse disciplines and matters keep arising any and every day, as in some kind of outbreak which obliged … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



                  Can we spare a few meetings and get back to work?

                  We only need to read, watch or listen to the news to check how some meetings lack of effectiveness, although they are high level so-called, take place with great frequentness … Seguir leyendo / Read more→



                    Do we foster attitude and interest from our collaborators?

                    It keeps surprising me the great number of businesses, not only small, but also medium and large, that do not count on a plainly defined and clearly written job description … Seguir leyendo / Read more→